A MOTOR SPORTS FRANCHISE






                                                      Back in 2003 I decided I wanted to do more than grudge race.  Sure the

                                                      trophies are cool and the small amount of cash winnings, well at least paid for the

                                                      gas there and back.  The chics that followed us, well you know….


                                                      Not only did I grudge race but I would also attend the annual Drag Racing

                                                      events such as the “Olympics of Drag Racing”.  I would stand there and think to myself “Can I do this, do I want to do this, What will it take for me to one day be there at the starting line at one of these events".



A fellow racer introduced me to a club that races at various sites.  Not knowing I could actually qualify, I turned it into a challenge that would bring me here, the 2012 Club Championship.


Twelve years later I have experienced good races and some really bad races.  You know, like taking down the Christmas tree at Byron.  Lets not forget the times, my hood flew off or a tire went in another direction.  And, oh yes the bumper car experience.  For those of you that remember Labor Day weekend 2010.  I smashed into the wall on my left and took the wall to the finish line.  Needless to say, I did not win that one.  But to be honest, that was so unbelievably freighting and exciting all at the same time.


As many years of trials and tribulations my brother Joe and I developed a formula that worked for us both, me the driver and he the crew chief.  The efforts of both of us developed not one but two cars that have been drag racing competitively and always managed to stay in the top ten.



                                                                          Bob and Joe